Rock, Alternative, Noise
### (pronounced by hitting a random object three times) is a band best described by instrumental guitar noise, feedback and pulsating lights and rhythms. Notorious in the Balkan underground for their DIY approach while avoiding an ordinary course of things.


Pop, Indie, Alternative
Bad Daughter is a new music project by Dunja Ercegović, who has been present on the Croatian music scene since 2013 under the pseudonym Lovely Quinces. With the Bad Daughter project, she opened a new chapter in her career and immediately raised the bar high again on the domestic music scene.


Ethno, Balkan
Balkalar is an ethno band from Zagreb, Croatia with a simple philosophy: freedom, love, rakija, dance, song, and celebration of life. They strive to keep the traditional music of the Balkans alive while giving it a new, lively twist.


Electronic, House, Progressive, Neo-rave
“CURA I DEČKO” (t͡sûra iː dêt͡ʃko) are an electronic duo from Croatia, coupled in real life too. They skillfully blend different genres of electronic music with vocals. Their stage presence invites curiosity, while their juicy sound invites the audience to dance and actively engage in the experience.


Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic
Daliborovo Granje are a five man psychedelic/ progressive /post-rock band from the Međimurje county in Croatia formed in 2014. The name of the band is a Croatian term meaning The Branches of Dalibor – Dalibor being a common Croatian name.


Electronic, Experimental, Dub, Dubstep
Countless successful releases for highly respected labels in the dubstep scene, tours all around the US, UK, EU, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, India and Russia. The Empire of Dirt EP was released on Mala's influential DEEP MEDi MUSIK label.


Pop, World Music, Acoustic
Elis Lovrić, known as Istrian Fairy, is a multilingual singer-songwriter and academic actress born in Pula (Istria, Croatia). She became famous by performing her songs in Labinian cakavica - the oldest Croatian dialect.


Indie, Bedroom pop
If you've ever wondered what the intersection between bedroom pop, Y2K indie rock and ex Yugoslav 80s music sounds like, the answer is Fran Vasilić.


Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Neo-soul
Carrying a strong message, their deep lyrics are given wings by soul, R&B and jazz grooves.


Rock, Progressive
From Another Mother, the trio is delivering the old-school chaotic “Nirvana, Dillinger Escape Plan“ rock concerts. They are only three but no matter the stage and venue size, they are flying around the place. It is best described as extremely energetic, explosive yet controlled chaos with a friendly vibe.


How Yes No is a post-punk, art-punk, wave power trio from Zagreb, Croatia. Their songs, short, chaotic, and straight to the point are reminiscent of MinuteMan and Big Boys.


Electronic, Techno
A veritable powerhouse of the Croatian techno scene Insolate has been establishing a global presence as a DJ and producer for over 20 years delivering as both a label boss at Out Of Place and the creative force behind their electrifying TRAUM events.


House, Jazz, Techno
Music producer, engineer, DJ, and a live performer walking a thin line between house and techno. Released on BBE Records, Far Out Recordings, Sonar Kollektiv. Head of Cycle Records and Cycle Studio Zagreb.


Keops is a Croatian metal band originally formed in Rijeka. A new album – “Road to Perdition”, was published on the 25th of March, 2022, under the NoCut Entertainment label. The band turned to a foreign career, and soon after the album's release, they started performing all over the EU.


Doom, Sludge
Founded in 2013 in the city of Karlovac, Left to Starve embraced the ethos of the DIY punk community while blending aggression of dark hardcore and heaviness of sludge metal resulting in a couple of releases.


litl itali are an experimental hip-hop / alt-pop duo from Zagreb. Members are Vatroslav (beats, production) and polusvećenik (“half-priest” – lyrics, vocals), both known on the regional scene from bands such as SEINE and Nemeček.


Folk, Metal, Slavic metal
On 05th August 2022, they unleashed the next musical beast with their brand-new album “Kreatura”, ready to hit the charts and the big stages.


Noise, Punk, Stoner
My Pitbull Lucifer is a music quartet that rised from the ashes of two great Croatian bands: psychedelic rock-metal collective Mighy Zazuum and grindcore band Bolesno Grinje.


Pop, Audio-visual, Funk, psychedelic
nemanja is the project of Luka Šipetić, an author and musician active in the bands pastele, Para Lele and NLV, who recorded and released the albums Tarot Funk (2019) and Cosmic Disco (2020).


Audio-visual, Progressive, Post-rock, Folk
Balkan wall of sound born and raised on the eternal flatlands of Pannonia.


Electronic, Darkwave, Synthpunk
Neon Lies started as a synth wave bedroom one-man project in late 2015 by Goran Lautar while he was still singing and playing guitar in Modern Delusion and The Celetoids


Post-punk, New wave, Garage Punk
Parnepar is a post-punk, new wave, garage punk trio from Zagreb, Croatia taking strong influences from the '70s and '80s postpunk & new wave music, especially from ex-yu(goslavian) bands.


Electronic, Techno
Petar Dundov makes intelligent electronic music that breaks boundaries, moves feet and twists minds. He is without a doubt one of the most inspiring, original and daring producers in electronica.


Traditional Vocal Music
PJEV is a female a cappella quintet from Zagreb which preserves and cherishes traditional vocal music from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. PJEV gathers singers from these countries who each contribute songs from their homelands.


Electropop, Synth-pop, Synthwave
Pocket Palma, an increasingly successful synth-pop trio consisting of Luka Vidović, Anja Papa, and Bruno Žabek, continues to release albums that are well received by the audience and critics alike.


Electronic, Audio-visual, Indie, Progressive pop, Art rock
Porto Morto is a seven-member ensemble whose musical direction is difficult to define, but if we were to try, we could say that it is based on a mixture of progressive pop, art rock, and indie electronics.


Pop, Indie, Experimental
Sara Renar is a recording and performing artist from Zagreb, Croatia, and is praised as one of the best and bravest Balkan new generation singers – songwriters.


Indie, Alternative, Punk, psychedelic, Trip-hop
SEINE is a singer-songwriter project by Ivan Ščapec founded in 2008, which has grown into one of the most interesting regional bands of this generation.


Rock, Stoner, Groove Metal
She Loves Pablo, a groove rock band from Zagreb has been one of the pillars of the domestic alternative scene for almost 15 years, and with wild performances, they are increasingly proving that they are destined for the big world stages with their career steps


Electronic, Jazz
Simple, but powerful shape that represents unity between five people who explore together in order to deliver their unique vision of jazz-pop-electronic music mixture.


Rock, Indie, Alternative, Punk
Trophy Jump is an indie punk-rock band from Zagreb, Croatia. The group started as a satirical pop-punk side-project that later turned into a passion-driven ambitious touring band.


Rock, Jazz, World Music
Truth ≠ Tribe is a group emerging out of the vibrant Zagreb alternative scene. The band was formed in 2018 and was inspired by African and Balkan rhythms and the music springing from the alternative scene, rock, electronics and contemporary jazz.


Post-rock, Noise, Shoegaze, Dream pop
A marvelous blend of shoegaze, post-rock, noise, and dream pop, Zagreb-based Tús Nua (Jordi Ilić and Jelena Božić) has been one of the most talked-about bands on the Croatian and regional alternative scene.


World Music
Veja is a Croatian world music band. It’s focused on researching Istrian traditional folk music and performing the same in more modern arrangements by using various traditional instruments from all over the world.


Audio-visual, Progressive, Indie, Post-rock

The audio-visual all-female collective ŽEN started in 2010 in Zagreb where they’ve found their creative
home at the AKC Medika squat.