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Elis Lovrić, known as Istrian Fairy, is a multilingual singer-songwriter and academic actress born in Pula (Istria, Croatia). She became famous by performing her songs in Labinian cakavica – the oldest Croatian dialect in Istria but also for writing and performing in other 10 languages, in which her songs were translated. She toured in Brasil, Italy, Poland, Germany. She became the Ambassador of her native language promoting internationaly the values of cultural heritage expressed through authentic art.

She writes, composes, arranges, produces and performs her own music and publishes it independently. So far, she has published 3 music albums: “Merika“, “Kanat od mora / Song of the sea” “O canto da Istria“, 3 books of poetry and short prose in Japanese, Portuguese and standard Croatian. She won multiple awards at festivals and was 3 times the finalist at the Croatian Eurovision Song Contest – DORA.

Elis is the first Croatian female singer-songwriter to perform in the European Parliament in Brussels in 2022 as the face of LABINA – International Festival of Art and Tolerance.

She authorises the official anthem of the Pula Film Festival – FILM POD ZVIJEZDAMA (Film under the Stars) 2023.

She is also founder and manager of the Art Organization Akcent Studio and the founder of the first-ever “Music and Stones festival” (Štorija od muziki i kamika) at the historical Monte Zaro Park in Pula and of the festival “EnChanted Castles / Kantautori u kaštelima / Castelli InCantati” with the vision that solo singer-songwriters around the world who create and perform their music completely by themselves, get their own festival.

Her first Japanese concert tour awaits her in December (6-19.12.2023), where she will present the world’s first Labinian-Japanese book and a special edition of her double vinyl album “Song of the Sea / Umi no uta” in which she also sings two of her songs in Japanese with her special guest Utako Toyama.

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