How Yes No is a post-punk, art-punk, wave power trio from Zagreb, Croatia. Their songs, short, chaotic, and straight to the point are reminiscent of MinuteMan and Big Boys.


Electronic, Jazz
Simple, but powerful shape that represents unity between five people who explore together in order to deliver their unique vision of jazz-pop-electronic music mixture.


Electronic, Jazz, World Music, Experimental
Eikonoise was created in 2014 as a multimedia project, founded by an artist, academic painter, producer, and composer Bojan Miljančić. In 2019, he released his album Immanens, the conceptual title of a debut album by the project Eikonoise.


Keops is a Croatian metal band originally formed in Rijeka. A new album – “Road to Perdition”, was published on the 25th of March, 2022, under the NoCut Entertainment label. The band turned to a foreign career, and soon after the album's release, they started performing all over the EU.


Electronic, Ethno, Drum & Bass, Dubstep
LoM is a three-member band from Koprivnica founded in 2020. By combining various genres - rock, electronics, drum and bass, and ethno - they create their own specific musical expression.


Pop, Indie, Experimental
Sara Renar is a recording and performing artist from Zagreb, Croatia, and is praised as one of the best and bravest Balkan new generation singers – songwriters.


The new electro-pop sensation KIL Digital started their activities as a DJ collective when Martina and Davor played tracks such as The Knife, Goldfrapp, and Peaches for visitors to Zagreb clubs. Over time, Martina and Davor developed a desire to create original music, and Filip, a sound engineer, and musician who shared their love for electronic music enters this story.


Rock, Folk, Punk
The path of Ogenj (''Fire'', in old Slavic, Kajkavian languages), now a 5-piece band from Koprivnica, Croatia seems constant and continuous as they are always on the road that leads them to many shows, clubs, and festivals within the region.


Tai Vorta means a secret door, a door through which we are led to a world of creation where we find inspiration for our musical expression, where we actually truly feel who we are!