rock, psychedelic, experimental

Međimurje, Croatia

Dostava Zvuka


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Daliborovo Granje are a five man psychedelic/ progressive /post-rock band from the Međimurje county in Croatia formed in 2014. The name of the band is a Croatian term meaning The Branches of Dalibor – Dalibor being a common Croatian name. The band strictly plays instrumental music, which is heavily influenced by various world music melodies (oriental, middle eastern, Balkan…) combined into the standard post-rock / psychedelic rock genre, with the addition of various other genres like surf rock or stoner rock, although they don’t like to be put in boxes/categories and just want to play the music they feel like playing at the moment. Jams are also a very big part of their musical everyday life, many of which have been uploaded to Youtube, and a lot of their songs come from jams which are later modified and exactly rehearsed. The band’s philosophy and aspiration has alway s been towards independence – in playing, recording, mixing, mastering and creating cover artwork.

In 2015 they released a self titled debut studio album (Daliborovo Granje 2015) which they recorded and mixed by themselves in a mystic garage in the suburbs of their hometown Čakovec. The album features, besides the standard lineup (Alan – guitar, Fićo – guitar, Dado – Bass, Draš – drums), a flute in a couple of songs.

The second studio album released in November 2020. titled Hainin (a turkish word meaning tr aitor or renegade) was also recorded by the band in 2019, although they were forced to abbandon their mystic garage and move to a new location – a magic barrack. Since then , the flute was replaced by a trumpet (played by Tomica) and the mix and master was left in the good hands of Leonard Klaić, who greatly upgraded the sound from their first album .

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