After careful listening and reviewing of more than a thousand registered artists, the SHIP crew has chosen the names that will step onto the great stages of Šibenik!

This really wasn’t easy, we expected there would be many applications, but the number surprised us. We are proud that SHIP has sparked such interest after just one year. It wasn’t easy to choose; there are brilliant domestic and foreign bands, far more than we have space and time for, but those were sweet worries. We believe we will introduce you to some of the best names in the world music scene” said the SHIP organization.

The second edition of SHIP will take place from September 12th to 15th in the host city and the first-ever SHIP, in Šibenik. Applications and auditions for registered participants have been ongoing for several months, and after finding out that this year’s headliner is !!! (CHK CHK CHK), we now finally know the first thirteen acts who will take the stage at the St. Michael’s Fortress, Azimut club, House of Art Arsen, or Tunnel.

This year, 42 domestic and international artists will play in front of representatives from the European, as well as the global scene. Last year, the SHIP audience counted over 3,000 people, and the first acts to appear before this year’s audience are:

DBFB – techno duo from Croatia, consisting of Bosnyak and Observer – embarks on a journey cruising between dub chords and hypnotic melodies. Their mission is to offer a fresh reinterpretation of dub techno, infusing it with new solidity and captivating allure. With releases on labels like Secession, Ille- gal Alien, and After Us Records, DBFB is carving out a distinct space in the techno landscape, captivating listeners with their compositions that morph textures, noises, and melodies with tight low ends, creating an engrossing sonic exploration. Their music has been played and supported by many heavyweights from the industry including Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Dax J., Marcel Dettmann, Takaaki Itoh, Rene Wise, Altinbass, Casual Treatment, Audio Units, Ricardo Gardu- no, Arnaud Le Texier etc.

Dope Kukjata is a boy band consisting of several individuals and two MCs who found themselves in the right time at the right place. They have released around 10 albums, had a few bad girlfriends, and a song with Tupac. For New Year’s, they collectively wished to perform at Eurovision, so Santa Claus gifted them the talent to create the perfect HIT song together. The band originated in 2017. Their collective debut was in 2018 when they released their first hip-hop futuristic album titled “3018”. Two years later, in 2020, during the Corona pandemic, they released their second collective album, this time a compilation produced by Lucas Pomatski, titled “Sam Doma” (Home Alone). The following year (2021), they released “Sam Doma 2,” a compilation album produced by Basmin. Their latest album, titled “SUPERGRUB BOiBAND,” was released on October 8th of 2022.

Pseudo-nationalist potatoes, local food markets invaded by leeks, dogs in space… Everything goes in the strange, colorful world of Franek Warzywa & Młody Budda (Frankie Veggies & Young Buddha). The sensational audio-visual Polish duo have found their popularity through internet stardom, but it’s the raw energy of a live performance they crave the most (except for eating your veggies of course). Whether it’s presented in an art gallery, food market or a concert hall, their blend of hyperpop, jazz and punk music mixed with face-melting visuals makes it a passionate and nutritious performance not to be missed.

Behind the pseudonym IDEM is Antuna Aleksa, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, booker, manager, festival organizer, discographer and good spirit of the current Zagreb scene and member of the bands Porto Morto, Trophy Jump and JeboTon Ensembl. The album “POYY” – “Bedroom indie diy post-pop punk trash” as they beat him is one of the best domestic and regional releases last year. It brought IDEM three Rock&Off awards (Album of the Year, Rock&Off Artist of the Year and Big Bang ) and Porin’s recognition as the best New Artist of the Year. The last in a series of praises for IDEM is that he was included in the “100 ARTISTS TO WATCH” of the IMPALA Music Awards.

Željka Veverec is a Croatian singer, first known as the voice of the excellent Croatian soul funk band Mangroove, with whom she released five acclaimed albums, and for a collaboration with the Italian producer and keyboardist Soul Basement with whom she recorded the soul jazz album Yesterday Today Tomorrow, which they released for the Berlin label Stereo Delux. At the end of 2021, under her stage name, she released her first solo album, I Glow, with which she really shined, the album received excellent reviews throughout the region, and Croatian music journalists and critics declared it the Croatian album of the year. The album also won 4 independent music awards from music journalists Rock & Off, for album of the year, song of the year, pop artist of the year and new artist of the year. She also won Porin (Croatian Grammy award) for the best electronic music album, and was also nominated for the Porin album of the year, and the best female vocal performance.

Based in Brighton, Lambrini Girls are Phoebe Lunny (vocals/guitar – she/they) and Lilly Macieira (bass – she/they) who have a strong artistic bond over their creative common ground – hot button societal issues combined with a biting, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style all their own. Their new single ‘God’s Country’ is a thunderous punk anthem boldly confronting Britain’s far-right surge. Produced with Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox, it merges raw power with sharp social critique. Lauded by BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, NME, featured on a Kerrang! cover with Sleater-Kinney and nominated for a Rolling Stone UK Award, they played over 100 shows and major festivals in 2023, including dates with Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Gilla Band, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Iggy Pop. The band have dozens of shows already in the diary for 2024 including festivals across UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, and their headline shows now sell out weeks and if not months in advance. This track challenges the notion of ‘Great’ Britain, whilst marking Lambrini Girls as fearless, influential disruptors in music. Who also put on the best live show you’ll see all year.

The most successful indie rock band in Slovenia in the past 5 years. Frequently selling out 1000-2000 capacity venues, MRFY are a indie rock/pop/fun phenomenon, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Gregor Strasbergar, bass guitarist/keyboard player Lenart Merlin, guitarist/keyboard player Tomaž Zupančič and drummer Rok Klobučar. After a couple of early singles and an EP “A Side of the Story” the band released their debut album Story in September 2018 on a SonicTribe label. The album was well received by the audiences as well as critics, and the group released a total of nine singles and videos from it, which they supported with numerous performances throughout Slovenia.

Dawnesha Williams, also known as Nesha Nycee, is a renowned international artist, songwriter, creative director, and philanthropist from Atlanta whose face you surely won’t forget. With a unique unorthodox style and distinctive flow, Nesha’s energy can be felt in every room she enters. She’s been rapping since the age of 9, and has worked with a range of artists including Kurtis Blow, Zaytoven, Dungeon Family, Lil Kim, Monica, Organized Noize, Brandy, Young MA, and more. Her hit single “2 True” debuted on HBO’s Emmy-winning TV show Euphoria and in the STARZ hit show P-Valley. With over 1.2 million streams and half a million followers across all platforms, Nesha continues to carve her own path, and that path leads her to one of the four stages of SHIP this year. Can’t wait!

Bojan Musulin, better known as Neutron, is a charismatic and endless source of ideas, with a prolific creative career, and is one of the key players in the underground club scene in Belgrade. On the other hand, through his work at IDJ, he has been a representative of the regional music industry at global and local conferences for a decade, such as Midem, ESNS, Runda Digital Day, No Sleep Conference, and many others. As a graduate sound engineer, producer, DJ, and owner of the label WAXX TRAX, Neutron has left a considerable mark on the electronic music scene over almost two decades of active involvement. His musical catalog from 2006 until now includes 4 albums and over 120 releases of eclectic electronic club music as well as ambient music that reflects personal processes and reflections.

RØLØ is a three-member band with diverse musical backgrounds based in Split. The band’s instrumentation includes drums, bass guitar, guitar, and other electronic aids. They have performed across Croatia at numerous festivals, including Indirekt Umag, Dan D – Tvornica Kulture, Brucošijada FERa, Split Days of Performance, Days of New Music, Zagreb Beer Fest, Split Gay Pride, Fibra Festival, Voi’sa Festival, Zagreb Design Week, Feragosto Jam, Tam Tam Festival (Sućuraj), Let’s Rock (Šibenik), Gala Hala (Ljubljana), Velvet Festival, Art Fair Nesvrstani, Mudri Brk, and more. In 2016, they recorded their first album, RØLØ, followed by their second album, HØØP, in 2018, both recorded at the Propeler studio in Split under the production of Jan I. Pele. In 2021, the band recorded their third album, Ponte Rosso, once again at the Propeler studio under the production of Jan Ivelić Pele. Guesting on the album alongside Jan I. Pele on percussion is saxophonist Gordan Tudor.

The quartet of violinist Tena Novak Vincek, also known as “Anette Cavon” – author of numerous projects, whose work is described as “broadly multidimensional,” and the creator of the genre she calls “progressive minimalism” – also includes violinist Lucija Stanojević, violist Dora Šimunić, and cellist Neva Begović. They have been collaborating since 2020 when they came together for the “Improkvart” project. Despite the epidemiological circumstances, the project was successfully executed, marking the exciting beginning of the “Tena Novak Quartet,” where the musicians harmoniously combine their love for improvisation with good communication and infectious energy. It is precisely this infectious energy, good communication, and love that they bring to SHIP 2024 this year.

Founded in 2015 by childhood friends Oğuz Kont and Sarp Dağlar Şahin, The Flabbies, emerged with their EP “2015.” As Istanbul-based trailblazers of instrumental shoegaze and post-rock in Türkiye, they gained both local and international recognition with their debut album “Back in Town,” leading to a feature in a 2018 FIAT commercial. Renowned for their serene melodies and ethereal soundscapes, they evolved into a trio in 2022 with the drummer Can Sürmen and released their second album, “ALIVE”, a genre-bending fusion of disco, shoegaze, and psychedelic sounds. From intimate venues to big festival stages and with a new EP on the horizon before their European Tour, The Flabbies continue to explore and innovate, inviting listeners on an exciting journey through their evolving musical landscape.

The group Veja was founded in Pazin, and over their 15 years of work, they have become one of the most significant Croatian ethno/world music performers. From the beginning, Veja found inspiration in the unique Istrian traditional music, which they decided to perform in a modern way. They have a unique musical style in singing and playing. The band’s singer and multi-instrumentalist, Goran Farkaš, is one of the greatest explorers of Istrian tradition, and alongside him from the beginning of the band, there is Saša Farkaš (guitar, tambura). Soon, they were joined by Marko Pernić (accordion), Ljuban Rajić (cajon, percussion), Sebastijan Demark (bass), and Marijan Jelenić (sound designer), and since 2010, the group has been operating in this lineup.

The first thirteen we know, the remaining names that will step onto the SHIP stages will be announced soon.

Once again, a reminder about this year’s headliner – !!! (CHK CHK CHK) and the opportunity to buy tickets now. We have several options to choose from:

Festival Ticket – 34 €
Opening Concert Ticket – 34 €
Festival + Opening Concert Ticket – 39 €
Pro pass Ticket – 64  €