Four months before the second SHIP festival, we are receiving a list of 13 new names that will take the stage at the most prominent venues in Šibenik!

Last year, SHIP was held for the first time, featuring 42 domestic and international performers. Over 70 guests participated in the panels, and more than three thousand visitors danced on six stages and took part in interesting lectures and panels. Although the first year met all expectations, there is no doubt that this year’s festival will surpass last year’s, and the list of performers for this year is proof of that. Mark your calendars for September 12th to 15th for St. Michael’s Fortress, Azimut Club, House of Arts Arsen, and Tunel.

The six stages of SHIP have already announced !!! (CHK CHK CHK) as this year’s headliner, along with the following performers: DBFB, Dope Kukjata, Franek Warzywa and Młody Budda, IDEM, Je Veux, Lambrini Girls, MRFY, Nesha Nycee, Neutron, RØLØ, Tena Novak Quartet, The Flabbies, and Veja. The organizers are bringing 13 new names selected from over a thousand applicants!

Jonathan is coming to SHIP with a freshly released album. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at GIS Studio and in the band’s rehearsal space under the direction of their friend and producer Matej Zec. ‘Everyone Else Is Ok’ features 11 songs written by Jonathan and was introduced with the singles ‘Coming On Hard’, ‘Darling’, as well as ‘Falling’, ‘Have It All’, and ‘One Minute’. The tracklist includes ‘We Don’t Need’, which opens the album, along with ‘Be Right Here’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Million’, ‘Oh My God’, and ‘Mirror’, which rounds out the album’s story. This album comes six years after the double release ‘To Love / To Hold’ from 2018, which was praised by music critics and the audience, making SHIP the ideal venue to present their new and long-awaited material. In the meantime, Jonathan has been an extremely active live band, winning the ‘Rock&Off’ award for the best live performer and selling out vinyl reissues of their old albums.

The band from Pančevo has flooded regional top charts and festival line-ups. With their catchy sci-fi grooves and electro-funk sound fused into one exciting concept, they have not left either the broader audience or serious music enthusiasts indifferent. Besides numerous accolades and awards, their current album ‘Dok čekamo pad’ (While We Wait for the Fall) is the recipient of the prestigious regional Milan Mladenović award for the best song of 2023 and the RUNDA award for the best album of the same year. Ljubičice builds a bridge between the distant worlds of the immediate and direct energy of rock’n’roll on one side and the subtle nuances of precise classical music interpretations on the other. The best of both worlds meet on their bridge, and now that world is coming to SHIP. Can’t wait!

Balkalar is an ethno ensemble coming from Zagreb directly to Šibenik for SHIP, bringing with them double bass, violins, guitars, percussion, and Balkan melodies ‘dressed’ in energetic arrangements. High school friends Pavle, Irma, and Marko were united by a passion for traditional melodies, and percussionist Ivan Judaš solidified their instrumental lineup. After performing street music, they transitioned to the digital world and quickly crossed borders. They have performed on numerous European stages and at prestigious festivals such as Balkan Trafik, Floating Castle, Goulash Disko, Seasplash Festival, and Balkan: MOST. Next up: SHIP 2024.

Le Chocolat Noir is a producer and performer from Sisak whose music has been released on an impressive number of mostly vinyl records for labels such as L.I.E.S. and Kraftjerkz from New York, Gooiland Elektro, Bunker, and Charlois from the Netherlands, Return To Disorder by Helena Hauff and She Lost Kontrol from Germany, Frigio from Madrid, as well as on the compilation ‘Healing Sounds.’ He releases and produces under several pseudonyms, including the recent FIUME. LCN is a member of the Zagreb-based bRave collective, with previous residencies at the Ljubljana club program Elektroliza and the Queer Festival in Zagreb. He performs as a DJ and live act throughout Europe, as well as in Brazil, the USA, and Japan, and at festivals such as Ombra, Exit, Dekmantel Selectors, and MENT. And now he’s coming to SHIP! In addition to collaborating with Zarkoff in the project Florence Foster Fan Club, he is currently working and releasing music in the project Black Dot with Slovenian Christian Kroupa, with releases on the Slovenian label KRI, the Berlin label Mechatronica, and a recent EP for Italo Moderni from Barcelona.

D. is a three-member band from Zagreb founded in 2022. Their performance is filled with influences from various areas and genres (from 1950s jazz to new bands like King Gizzard). Their shows are characterized by an energetic atmosphere filled with jamming. All Šibenik stages are ready for jamming in September. SHIP is waiting for you, D.!

Peso Neto was formed in 2020 with the idea and challenge of achieving a contemporary sound in a trio lineup without a bass guitar, with the musicians within the band taking on that role at various moments in the music. Their goal was also to find quality solutions to maximize the musical potential of this unconventional type of ensemble. They incorporated elements from all genres that shaped them as musicians and composers, aiming for coherence, fluidity, and above all, musicality. The band consists of experienced musicians from the Croatian jazz and pop scene – Pavle Miljenović (guitar), Hrvoje Galler (analog synthesizers and Fender Rhodes keyboards), and Edi Cipal Grubišić (drums).

After completing elementary and high school for popular jazz music in Zagreb, Bruna Matić continued her studies in jazz drums at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. She obtained her bachelor’s degree and then moved to Rotterdam. In 2020, she completed her master’s studies at Codarts Academy. In her career so far, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with many bands and artists such as HGM A Band, Irena Žilić, The Frajle, Matija Cvek, HRT Jazz Orchestra, Miro Kadoić/David Gazarov Quartet, Davor Križić Experiment, and many others. She also leads her own band, Bruna Matić Quartet, with whom she released the debut album ‘Two Weeks After Midnight’ in 2019. In May 2021, she presented a new audiovisual project titled N O I S E with the HRT Jazz Orchestra. She is coming to the second edition of SHIP in Šibenik this year with this project! It is a 75-minute suite that, through the combination of music and video, as well as jazz and electronic music, addresses the noise that surrounds us, but also the noise within ourselves. Bruna Matić is also the recipient of the ‘Status’ award, presented by the Croatian Musicians’ Union, in 2015 for young jazz talent, and in 2020 and 2022 in the category of jazz drums.

The music of Island Mint is a rare occurrence on the Prague music scene. They are inspired, as they say, by sunny pop and garage rock from the 60s, as well as 90s shoegaze. They started with the EP ‘Hazy Days’ in 2020, followed by the surreal indie album ‘Irreality’ in 2022, and in 2023, a sharper EP titled ‘All Studium No Punctum’. Over the past four years, the five-member band has been led by singer and producer Matyáš Adámek. The international jury of Radio Wave’s Czeching Contest 2023 sent them to Eurosonic Noorderslag 2024 as the most relevant project on the young Czech scene.

Laura Masotto is an Italian violinist and composer. She started learning the violin at the age of five and graduated from the Conservatory in Verona. She began her career at the age of fifteen, performing concerts with chamber and symphony orchestras across Europe. Over the years, Laura has worked on theatrical projects such as Michele Serra’s “Father and Son,” performed live and recorded albums with internationally renowned artists such as Patty Pravo, Sergio Cammariere, Gino Paoli, John Bonnar, and Lisa Gerrard. In 2019, she released her first solo album, “Fireflies.” In 2021, she signed a contract with the Berlin label 7K! and released the album “WE,” which includes collaborations with Roger Goula, Hior Chronik, and Atōmi, and in 2022, she began collaborating with Deutsche Grammophon. An impressive CV, and we haven’t even listed everything. Laura, SHIP is waiting for you!

Divorce from New York, along with his partner Borja Piñeiro, is the founder of the duo Reykjavik606 (which has worked with artists like Tenderlonious & Ishmael Ensemble). Alvaro Granda, also known as Divorce From New York, embarked on a solo career and released his debut album ‘This Ain’t Jazz No More’ (Forbidden Colours). He has crafted the image of a talented electronic artist, creating excellent syncopated jazzy tracks that bridge the gap between jungle, broken beat, and house music. In 2022, he released ‘Sausalito’ (High Praise) and made it onto The Line Of Best Fit’s list of the best albums of the year. He was also featured on Don Letts’ show on BBC6. This led him to club festivals such as Jazztronica (Spain), Kala Festival (Albania), Jaguar Shoes (UK), Bime fest (Spain), ESNS Festival (Netherlands), Club Ost (Germany), Great Escape Festival (UK), and now he’s coming to SHIP 2024.

Ciśnienie, which means ‘pressure’ in Polish, is a blend of post-rock, orchestral music, and repetitive jazz, drawing inspiration from a range of artists including Swans, Fire! Orchestra, Mogwai, Arvo Pärt, and H.M. Górecki. Baritone saxophone, violin, and piano blend with heavily distorted bass and frenetic drumming, creating uniquely colorful tones. They are currently promoting their new album Zwierzakom, released on December 30, 2023. To date, Ciśnienie has performed over 100 concerts in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and the Czech Republic, including appearances at ESNS Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL), Enjoy Jazz Festival (DE), Garana Jazz Fest (RO), Katowice JazzArt Festival (PL), Soundrive Festival (PL), Porta Jazz (PT), Czech Music Crossroads, and Hradecky Slunovrat (CZ). Their next stop, of course, is SHIP 2024.

FUNK SHUI is an eclectic band from North Macedonia. From their debut album ‘Aether’ in 2012, followed by ‘R.E.M.’ in 2015 and the EP ‘Impuls’ in 2018, FUNK SHUI has continuously evolved, refining their vision and sound. They defy categorization, best described and understood as those who encompass a range of emotions, styles, and influences. With each release, FUNK SHUI has pushed the boundaries of the modern music scene, and their outstanding work has not gone unnoticed. The band has been invited to perform at some of the most prestigious music festivals across Europe, including Eurosonic ESNS, Mondo.NYC, MENT Ljubljana, Athens Music Week, PIN Music conference, and Liverpool Sound City. This year, they have also been invited to SHIP 2024, among more than a thousand applicants!

Matwe is a DJ from Bratislava with a special passion for high-class clubbing, industrial techno, dark electro, and hardgroove. He always improvises and enjoys the party with everyone around him. He is the founder of the techno event Nočná and also a booking agent and founder of the SPFM agency, which represents underground & audiovisual electronic artists. He is a dedicated raver who attends music festivals, music conferences, and parties as much as possible throughout the year. We have no doubt that from this year onwards, SHIP in Šibenik will become his favorite destination.

So far, we know 27 names that will step onto the SHIP stages this year, and we’ll soon find out the rest of the names.

Once again, a reminder about this year’s headliner – !!! (CHK CHK CHK) and the opportunity to buy tickets now. We have several options to choose from:

Festival Ticket – 34 €
Opening Concert Ticket – 34 €
Festival + Opening Concert Ticket – 39 €
Pro pass Ticket – 64  €