Starting today, Croatia has its long-awaited Music Export Office under the brand name We Move Music Croatia. Music export offices already exist in many European countries with the same purpose of distributing high-quality national music to other European countries, establishing connections with other national export offices, and annually presenting the best national performers at European festivals and showcases.

Music Export Office Croatia (We Move Music Croatia) is a non-profit organization founded by the Croatian Musicians Union (HGU), Croatian Performers’ Rights Collecting Society (HUZIP), Croatian Association of Orchestral and Chamber Musicians (HUOKU), and Croatian Association of Featured Musicians (HUIG).

The team behind We Move Music Croatia are: Dražen Baljak, Mirko Burazer, Davor Drezga, Ante Zvonimir Stamać and Frane Tomašić.

Ideas and goals

  • The idea is to position Croatian performers and music talents globally.
  • We are focused on young and under-represented artists who perform original music and are dedicated to work on their international careers.
  • We aim to provide long-awaited support for the touring musicians and impartially present the Croatian music scene to music professionals abroad.
  • We will cooperate with all the stakeholders in the Croatian music industry for the benefit of the artists and the whole music community.
  • We are genre neutral and open to support artists from all musical genres performing in all languages.

How do we plan to do it?

  • We provide financial support for the Artists who are selected to play by the showcase festivals.
  • We financially support Artists on tour.
  • We participate in music conferences and showcases to promote the Croatian music scene.
  • We provide a one-stop information center and a database on all the active members of the Croatian music scene for both domestic and professionals abroad (performers, clubs, festivals).
  • We organize workshops to educate Artists and professionals on numerous music business subject
  • We provide legal counsel for the Artists.
  • We promote Croatian music through our website, playlists, social media, newsletter, and PR activities.
  • We will organize a showcase festival and a music conference in Croatia.


In the On The Move section, we have highlighted active performers who have already participated in the showcases, went on European tours, or gained more significant success abroad in the last four years.

In the Database section you can find the list and the contact info of all the performers, clubs, and festivals in Croatia which will surely amplify new cooperations and contacts among music professionals. The database will be continuously updated and thus gradually grow with contacts of other music professionals.

All the striving Croatian performers who wish so can send their press materials (bios in English and photos) to our mail and their contact info will be added to our Database section.

Follow all the news on our website and social media and feel free to contact us at