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Zagreb, Croatia

Geenger Records


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Sleepyheads are four-piece band that draws its influences equally from those moments that made us love guitar music from the nineties, as well as from the modern trends of the 2000s and 2010s. A unique mixture of American and British sound. Indie rock that is sometimes indie pop, but more than anything, it’s rock and roll. The best-kept secret of local indie scene, a band that gains new enthusiastic fans with every live performance, legends of the scene even before they actually stepped on it.

Sleepyheads are formed in 2010 and after five years of active live performing, they sublimated their experience into a brilliant debut album, “The Swirling Thoughts Of…“, recorded and mixed by Hrvoje Nikšić at Kramasonik Studio. Album is self-released digitally in september 2015. At the end of 2015, album ended up on many annual lists. In 2016, they promoted the album with numerous concerts, and among other things, they performed at the InMusic Festival in Zagreb and the Mostar Summer Fest in Mostar.

In 2019, Sleepyheads enter the Kramasonik studio, where they record new material under the watchful eye of an old acquaintance, Hrvoje Nikšić. Emil Andreis is a guest on keyboards. Album mixing and production is done by Mark Mrakovčić and after two pandemic years, the album is finally finished. “We’re ok” is the name of Sleepyheads’ new album and it contains ten songs. It was released digitally on Geenger Records in September 2022. Like the debut album, it received great reviews and at the end of the year ended up on almost all annual lists of the best albums in Croatia and the region. In the beginning of 2023, Sleepyheads were nominated for best rock performer on Rock&Off Indepedent Music Journalism Award.

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