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Makarska/Tučepi, Croatia

Dallas Records


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They began their journey with the punk rock EP ‘Evo Rezerve‘ when such a musical fusion of punk rock and pop was not present in the airplay or instead not played. In it, the band Reserves reconciled die-hard punk rockers and the mainstream. Several years later, this garage punk band released the acclaimed album ‘Ravno u Zamku‘ and stayed on the scene, wisely and bravely flirting with pop music, but not in the sense of cheap catchy tunes, but instead using pop elements as an additional spice for anthem-like and radio-friendly sound.

Reviewing the album for, Ivan Blažinović concluded that ‘Ravno u zamku is probably the best domestic album in the past few years’, and Nikola Knežević from the Music Box portal described Reserves as ‘the leaders of some new rock generation’. With singles like ‘Madona’, ‘Ne voli, ne voli’, ‘Potoci suza’, ‘Koga briga za zvijezde’, Reserves hinted that they are a band with enormous potential. Maja Trstenjak wrote the following for Sound Report: ‘And as much as they unbelievably remind us of everything we’ve heard before and long digested, Reserves manage to maintain the compactness of the work, selfishly appropriate the musical expression, shamelessly present it, and sell it as their own contribution.’

Reserves blend the romantic and the tragic, the modern and the retro, Petty-esque riffs and Ramones-like playfulness. Over the past few seasons, they have performed at festivals in the region and gathered experience. With many performances under their belt, the band diligently works on a new album, from which singles such as “Sve u sol”, “Podstanar”, and “Ne voliš dečke” have already been released. The album, released by Dallas Records, is scheduled for spring.

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