rock, noise

Zagreb, Našice

Hau Ruck!/Crass Lips Records


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NOKTI – Noise rock quintet from Zagreb/Našice, Croatia since 2018.

Unashamedly experimental and intensely imaginative. (gbhbl)
Nokti are more of an art collective than a band. (ave noctum)
The mood is almost sacred, but only if the divine appears in its most terrifying aspect. (burning ambulance)
Instruments create an almost psychedelic sonic maelstrom. (ver sacrum)
Gloriously insane, but definitely substantial rollercoaster ride. (der ohlsen)
Your attention will never wander. (the killchain)
Quite trippy and a unique arrangement. Wow… (writing about music)
Nokti are creating experimental rock music which is still actually experimenting and not just copying everyone else. (raised by cassettes)
Nokti denotes its own peculiar eclectic nature. (rockerilla)
Straight to the point repetition without build-up, packaged in a rather experimental form. (
Cockschmerzen is a record that satisfies all lovers of experimentation and avant-garde, whether they are linked to jazz or industrial, no wave or post-punk, it makes no difference. (aristocrazia webzine)
Other swallow drug cocktails for such extreme experiences or seriously claim that they like free jazz. (ox-fanzine)
Very very weird music from Zagreb: in six tracks these young guys whose crotch hurts rampage through a wild mix of noise rock, art and a decidedly menacing and awkward feeling. (pitfire webzine)
Noisy guitars strike immediately and directly, without any introduction to what awaits us. (soundguardian)
This is 14 minutes for history. (
If you’re looking for something different and sophisticated, you should definitely lend an ear to the men from Zagreb. (stormbringer)

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