neo-soul, funk, pop

Zagreb, Croatia

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Mangroove is a Croatian neo soul alter pop band led by Željka Veverec and Toni Starešinić. With their third album “Sami” released at the end of 2015, confirmed themselves on the scene as one of the best alter pop bands. The musical quality of Mangroove was recognized in its early beginnings by the Croatian Academy of Music and the Society of Croatian Composers, awarding it the first prize at the Music Talent Festival in 2006. With producer Samir Kadribašić (Jinx, Headoneast), they recorded two albums, the debut “Svijet za nas” (2009) and its follow-up “Put na mjesec” (2012), which, in addition to excellent reviews, secured them the first nomination for the Croatian music award, Porin (Croatian Grammy), for best album club music.

The same success was repeated by the third and fourth albums “Sami“ and “Srce“, which they recorded in collaboration with the famous producer Zvonimir Dusper (Mayales, Cubismo, Eddy & Dus). During the pandemic year 2020., they started working with HRT’s Jazz Orchestra, recording a joint studio album, “Nešto veće od nas”, which they released at the beginning of 2023, and they played together several successful concerts. Now, they are preparing a new album and a series of special acoustic concerts. For many years now Toni and Željka perform and work with top musicians, multi-instrumentalists and producers, Leo Beslać, a member of the Mimika Orchestra and Nemeček, and Silvio Bočić, a member of Darko Rundek and Ekipa.

With Mangroove they made collaborations with famous singers Tedi Spalato, Remi Priselac, legendary Dado Topić, HRT Jazz orchestra, Big band RTV Slovenia and many top Croatian musicians such as Janko Novoselić, Vojkan Jocić, Mak Murtić, and Igor Geržina.Željka and Toni wrote their first songs with Mangroove, played their first concerts with Mangroove, Mangroove took them on a musical journey through soul, jazz, funk, pop, electronica, a journey that continues today and who knows where it will take them.

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