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Zabok, Croatia

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J.R. August (Nikola Vranić) is a leading musical talent in the region. After a series of notable EP releases, in 2019 he signed an exclusive contract with the publishing house Croatia Records under which he released his debut album Dangerous Waters. The album met with the undivided enthusiasm of the critics, who declared J.R. a world-class musician, as well as the audience, who accepted the album to such an extent that in the week after its release, it was the best-seller in the country – the first time in history that an album by a local artist who sings in English took that place.

Recognition of this special talent reached its peak at the 2019 Porin Music Award: J.R. August and his debut album won these prestigious awards in as many as three categories; for alternative album, for best new artist and for album of the year – the first time in history that an English-language album has won that award. In the same year, J.R. August also celebrated at the Rock&Off awards. There he won the award for “big bang” of the year, Rock&Off artist of the year and album of the year. Dangerous Waters was also nominated for Impala, the European award for indie album of the year. It is a definite confirmation that the great Coldplay was not wrong when he presented J.R. on his website as a world potential in 2012.

In April 2022, J.R. August released his 2nd studio album, Still Waters, which, like its predecessor, met with critical and public acclaim. J.R. is currently performing concerts with his band and choir, and for 2023 he has announced two studio albums, and one will be in the Croatian language.


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