Virovitica, Croatia



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Contra – Band was formed in 2001 as a five-member group. The founders are also today’s members of the Tona/Miha/Gogs/Kugler/Tomislav Moslavac gang, but the last two are no longer part of the mentioned five. Born out of hanging out at the Music School, as young boys then recording their first audio work called Express! With the motto: be who you are, say what you think! They came from the punk rock environment, recording all the performances of that time as evidence of personal impressions in time. Due to a combination of circumstances, they froze their work for 20 years. Playing with various musicians in Croatia and abroad. In the winter of 2021, they unfroze their ideas and continued the path they started a long time ago, now as a four-member band. In the new beginning, Goran Bem stepped in for a short time as bass guitar and conceptual designer of the band’s new visual details. The band remains grateful to Goran for his friendship, but he is soon replaced by an old friend of Contra, Vedran Halužan.

Entering the new era, the very sound and identity of the band gained a wider dimensional dioptre, united in ultra-short, fast, and drinkable syncopations of melodic punk rock. But as before, the motto remains: Be who you are, say what you think!

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