We are a group of enthusiastic experts determined to position Croatian music talents globally. 

We are focused on young and under-represented artists who perform original music and are dedicated to work on their international careers.

We aim to provide long-awaited support for the touring musicians and impartially present the Croatian music scene to music professionals abroad.

We Move.

  • Our work will always be transparent, unbiased, and inclusive
  • We will cooperate with all the stakeholders in the Croatian music industry for the benefit of the artists, and all included consequently
  • We are genre neutral and open to support artists who perform classical music, those who perform trap, and everything in between. 

How do We Move?

  • We provide a one-stop information centre on all the showcasing opportunities for the Croatian artists
  • We provide financial support for the Artists who are selected to play by the showcase festivals
  • We provide a one-stop information centre and a database on all the active members of the Croatian music scene for both domestic and professionals abroad
  • We organize workshops to educate Artists and professionals on numerous music business subjects
  • We financially support Artists on tour selected by an unbiased committee
  • We provide legal counsel for the Artists
  • We participate in music conferences and showcases to promote the Croatian music scene
  • We promote Croatian music through our website, playlists, social media, newsletter, and PR activities
  • We organize a showcase festival and a music conference in Croatia

We Move Music.

We Move Music Croatia is a nonprofit organization founded by the Croatian Musicians Union (HGU), Croatian Performers’ Rights Collecting Society (HUZIP), Croatian Association of Orchestral and Chamber Musicians (HUOKU), and Croatian Association of Featured Musicians (HUIG)

Office: +385 91 252 8303 Frane Tomašić
Press: +385 91 577 2328 Đurđica Sarjanović
OIB: 65424614580
Ulica Ivana Broza 8A/2, 10 000 Zagreb

Dražen Baljak



Dražen Baljak is a musician/guitar player in Let 3, Mr.Lee & IvaneSky, Ministranti and a DJ going by the alias Boo Dale. He is also known as a promoter, booker and production manager of numerous concerts, music events and festivals in Rijeka region. He is a board member of HUZIP, UNISON and Porin and the president of Croatian Musicians Union.

Mirko Burazer

International Project Manager


Mirko Burazer is founder of the Basic & Rough label. To encourage the development of local cultural initiatives, he is actively involved in the organization of festivals and collaboration with major cultural institutions such as Tvrđave kulture Šibenik, as editor of LP edition of Let’s rock festival.

Davor Drezga



Davor Drezga is the general secretary of Unison, umbrella association of Croatian music associations, executive director of Porin music award, project manager of the independent music journalism awards Rock&Off and Elector. He runs a small record label and organizes a music festival.

Sara Morić

Community Manager


Sara is a seasoned PR, communications, social media and all things digital specialist, experienced in working for various businesses ranging from startups, art projects, finance to FMCG, on local and global campaigns. Most recently she held global communications & PR roles at LimeWire and Bitpanda.

Ružica Popović

Public Relations


Ružica Popović is a PR manager, owner of PRiča, agency for public relations & event organization. She has been working for years in media and PR with organizations, associations, musicians, festivals and brands.

Đurđica Sarjanović

Public Relations


Đurđica Sarjanović is a public relations manager for various artists, music awards and music festivals in Croatia. After graduating journalism she worked for years in media, but continued to follow music as a PR for artists and organizations such as Unison, Croatian Composers’ Society etc.

Ante Zvonimir Stamać

International Project Manager


Ante Zvonimir Stamać is an artist manager, owner of OOO Booking agency, label manager of 383records, engaged in organization of Bear Stone Festival and a member of BTY tech crew. He is an award-winning album cover designer, a music producer, and sound engineer.

Frane Tomašić

Executive Secretary


Frane Tomašić is a lawyer who graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. Through gained knowledge, experience, and insights into the music industry, he’s offering various consulting services, supporting music labels, film productions, and marketing agencies.

Zoé Sadki



Marketing and communication student from Paris, France with diverse experience in the music industry, currently preparing to specialize in communication, event organization, and public relations. Eager to contribute as an intern at WMMC.

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